Facility Management for Educational Facilities

Services for All Types of Needs

Facility management for child-care facilities, schools and universities involves adapting services for very different needs. As one of the largest multi-service providers worldwide, we can demonstrate a great deal of experience in doing so.

For each educational organization, we design a flexible concept that is tailored to its individual requirements. Our services include janitorial services as well as the complete range of technical services. We provide reliable, professional cleaning services and would be happy to advise you on a cost-effective concept for your facility.

Our security services take on responsibility for the protection of pupils, staff and property by ensuring that only those with proper authorization have access to the site. 

A central component of facility management for schools and educational facilities are catering services. We provide healthy, balanced meals and varied, sustainable products. And our catering concepts offer even more: from modern ordering systems to flexible product process, from our own service personnel to transparent payment systems, we offer all services from a single source. Our kitchen professionals have an antenna for new trends and a large portion of know-how and ensure that a variety of good, healthy food is served. And that means you can focus on what is most important - education.

Let us introduce you to our facility management concepts and show you how they can benefit your facility. Call us, or send us an Email.


For Schools

Our concepts for school catering allow students to decide what they want to eat themselves and provides guidance on healthy eating.

Interior Cleaning


We have developed modern procedures and techniques in our interior cleaning operations which help us to work faster, more efficiently and more safely.
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